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Mavo Advertising was started by its founder who had passion to bring fresh and creative concepts from imagination to design and execution. We are one-stop-shop advertising agency from strategic planning through creative design to the finish product. As our talented and experienced team has been drawn from 4As Advertising Agencies, We strive for excellence and services by offering unique and creative communication solutions to our clients.

Mavo = Open Vision And Mind.
Our mission is exploring your mind and vision through our creative design. Just like our icon, which is not only an eye, but also a brain that is extending ( The pupil is a brain and the 2 arrows next to it means we would like to expand our mind by our passion).

Mavo = Marvel – Something that causes feelings of WONDER!!!
Our theme colors are Shiny Gold combined with Sharp Blue. Shiny Gold implies Traditional and Style while Sharp Blue implies Modern and Cool. These two extreme colors means Mavo is a comprehensive agency which can fulfill all the aspects in the market.