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"Smoke-free Hong Kong" T-shirt Design Competition - Merit Award

Organizer : Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health

Aim : To encourage the participants to express their design talent and mobilize their participation in building a smoke-free culture, so as to establish a healthy lifestyle and attitude.

Theme of Design : Quit smoking

Design Concept :
Main Graphic looks like a “BINGO” game. Each square represent one healthy food or cigarette. If you want to win the game, you have to link up with healthy food. “BINGO” means a correct way to win health. Slogan “Smoking will never be a right path” means smoking is never win. At the same time, the concept shows that a lot of healthy food can replace cigarette. Choosing healthy food always is a right path to get health.






"Felicity Project" An International Graphic Competition - The Finalists

Aim :
Felicity aims at providing a contribution to reflection beginning from an anthropological vision and arriving at modern times, in the expectation of a future where the city can be a better place for self-improvement.

Theme of Design : Change your city, change your life

Design Concept :
The theme is focus on improving the quality of spirit. Nowadays, many people feel that fulfillment should be built up on infrastructures or living standard. However, I think that fulfillment must be sought through the spirit. The design is in series. In the design, the white person graphic is designed to stand behind the Dark person because the white color can stand out the shape of dark person. Without the white person, the dark one cannot be shown. The concept is that Dark person represents someone who needed help. They live in darkness and no one can see them. However, the presence of Mr. White makes the Dark person can be seen by others. The Background of Mr. White and Dark person are so difference, but the distance can be reduced because they can share what they have. If the polarization of the rich and the poor can be reduced and If the resource in the world can be more balanced, more felicity can be appeared in the world.